ARCHICAD Design | Views 1: Simplified Drawings and Sketches

By Eric Bobrow | Design Views Series

Jan 21

In this series of ARCHICAD video tutorials, I'll show you how to manipulate various settings to get a wide variety of effects, including:

  • Simplified and Sketch-style Drawings
  • Rendered Elevations and Site Plans
  • Brighter Lighting and Quick Ways to Try Out Different Surface Schemes
  • 3D Cutaways and 3D Documents
  • Quick Framing in 2D and 3D for Sections and 3D Views
  • Developing Your Design - Moving From Composites to Profiles
  • Progressive Detailing Using Profiles

These videos are being created and posted over a period of time - 4 of the 7 are currently available. 

ARCHICAD Design | Views 1 - Simplified Drawings & Sketches

In this first tutorial in the new ARCHICAD Design | Views series (24 minutes) I demonstrate how you can set up simplified or sketch-style drawings in ARCHICAD for client meetings and proposals. Sometimes it's advantageous to show less detail - or give a feeling of tentative, preliminary design - rather than use a hard-edged, overly detailed view.

ARCHICAD Video Tutorial Transcript