ARCHICAD Coaching: How to Create a Custom Feature Window from Multiple Ganged or Stacked Windows

By Eric Bobrow | 3D Modeling

Apr 17

Learn how to create your own unique custom window by combining several standard library windows, allowing this feature window to show up properly in schedules. Adapted from a question sent in to my ARCHICAD Coaching Program in which I help ARCHICAD users apply my Best Practices methods in the context of real world projects.

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    Interesting….but very long and very hard….

    • Eric Bobrow says:

      Marcos – The video shows a lot of the “ins and outs” to help users understand the options and different methods available, which makes it a lot longer than the actual process itself. In a similar situation, it is easy to create a custom feature window in about 5 minutes, complete with detailed 3D, clean 2D symbol, and a fully compatible listing in a window schedule. I wish it was easier to do this – or that ARCHICAD simply had a feature to link multiple windows together for schedules – but until that happens, this is a pretty efficient and workable solution.
      – Eric

  • John Hallgarth says:

    Awesome video Eric. Great explanation and so many helpful little tips along the way. Definitely going to use this one…

  • Richard Hewitt says:

    Excellent Eric – another very well thought out and helpful video, much appreciated!

  • Pedro Fajardo Urista says:

    Excellent Eric, congratulations..!!

  • Dario Vivaldi says:

    Thank you, this video is very helpful!
    It could be great if you show also how to add some parameters to this window and make it works like the others in the library!

    • Eric Bobrow says:

      Dario – Your suggestion is a good one. I will consider creating a supplemental video that shows how to do this. The basic approach is to open up the Window library part (like I do to fix the 2D symbol) and change the subtype to match the standard library part windows; this will set up the new custom window with many of the standard listing parameters.
      – Eric

  • Geoff Briggs says:

    Very instructive Eric. Two comments:
    1) You mentioned that when saving a new window from an upright starting position it is helpful to rotate the wall first so the outside is up in plan (+y), but you failed to mention that the same is true when saving parts that have been rotated to be face down. That is the window should appear in plan view as if it were elevated (top +y).
    2) You copied the wall returns into the 2D symbol but it does not appear from the 3D views that those returns are part of the modeled object. Please elaborate.



    • Eric Bobrow says:

      Geoff – These are good points. The first one is information that is useful to know (it would have been good to mention it in the video). The second one hadn’t occurred to me, and would appear to be a significant limitation of this approach. I’m not sure how obvious this will be in 3D views; one may be able to work around it by setting the edge surface of the wall to match the interior face surface. I appreciate your thoughtful comments!
      – Eric

  • Yves says:

    Great video ! After going trough the process I would say that the two things I miss are the possibility to have slanted reveals and the fact that the size of the door / window does not show in the schedules.
    Thank you for all your amazing videos !

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