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Aug 30

How to Create An Energy Orientation Area Report with A Graphic Override Visual Audit

By Eric Bobrow | General ARCHICAD Tutorials

Learn how to total up areas of exterior walls, doors & windows based on orientation for energy analysis – creating a custom Orientation property, defining a custom schedule, and setting up a Graphic Override to check if everything is tagged consistently and completely.

This is a classic how-to showing step by step how to combine multiple parts of Archicad to get something useful done.

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Jun 16

How to Create A New Custom Surface from A Photo

By Eric Bobrow | General ARCHICAD Tutorials

An interesting question was sent in to my ARCHICAD Coaching Program by California architect Luis Barrios asking how to create custom Surfaces using photos of stained glass windows from a church that he’s renovating. He wanted to include these artwork images in his 3D views as well as rendered elevation drawings.

Watch this 36 minute video to learn how to integrate artwork images in ARCHICAD 3d views as well as rendered elevation drawings. BONUS: Free step by step PDF guide available for download!

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Apr 17

ARCHICAD Coaching: How to Create a Custom Feature Window from Multiple Ganged or Stacked Windows

By Eric Bobrow | 3D Modeling , ARCHICAD Coaching Program

Learn how to create your own unique custom window by combining several standard library windows, allowing this feature window to show up properly in schedules. Adapted from a question sent in to my ARCHICAD Coaching Program in which I help ARCHICAD users apply my Best Practices methods in the context of real world projects.

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Jan 06

New ARCHICAD Tutorials Website Launched – An Educational Resource for ARCHICAD Users

By Eric Bobrow | News

I’m pleased to offer this new website as a valuable educational resource for ARCHICAD users. will provide a platform for ARCHICAD tutorials in the form of videos and articles by myself as well as other recognized experts from around the world. In addition to publishing new, original content, it will also feature classic tutorials collected from […]

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