Basic Terrain and Site Modeling in ARCHICAD

By Eric Bobrow | General ARCHICAD Tutorials

Jan 26

Learn how to accurately create a site model from an imported survey using the Mesh and Slab tools and add basic landscaping with the Object tool. Place a DWG or PDF survey file into a Worksheet and use it as a Trace Reference to precisely model your site topography; use Solid Element Operations (SEO) to cut out volumes where the building is placed.

This meaty 49 minute lesson will teach you how to import a DWG survey file into a Worksheet, then use it as a Trace Reference to build a terrain mesh. You'll be able to model your site in the most expeditious and efficient sequence when you follow the method I share with you.

If you've ever struggled to build a terrain model, or made one that was overly detailed and slowed down your 3D views, this detailed training will point you in the right direction. Even if you have never used the mesh tool, you'll learn enough to get started, and after watching the lesson you'll be able to do it yourself!

BONUS: Use these sample files to follow along, in both Imperial and Metric systems:

This lesson is part of my QuickStart Course, a 13 hour series of easy to follow video lessons that cover the basics of ArchiCAD with a Best Practices perspective. (The QuickStart Course is one component of my comprehensive Best Practices Course.)

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